About Us

Salesforce Is In Our DNA

We drive businesses forward with a one-size-doesn't-fit-all approach.

We Embrace Challenges

Founded by a former Salesforce.com veteran, we take our reputation for being master problem-solvers seriously. Over the years we have delivered some of the most challenging Salesforce implementation projects imaginable—making us the partner of choice for companies facing a complex challenge with no ‘out of the box’ solution.

Success Through Partnerships

Coming from humble origins, the team has grown significantly over the years, and continues to do so at a rapid rate. We continue to build our business by creating strong partnerships with customers who can attest to the nature and quality of work we provide.


Much like a wave that starts small and unseen but gathers momentum into a growing force, we aim to create a surge of profound and impactful change for our clients. (Our name also pays homage to those gorgeous rolling surf breaks off Montara Beach near Salesforce HQ)

Our Approach

Planning & Immersion

First, we dive deep into your business processes to understand specific needs and internalize how they can be translated into actual business applications. We see beyond the words and try to get a firm grasp of what you’re trying to achieve as a whole. We get the best results when we walk in your shoes and completely immerse ourselves as if we are members of your internal teams. By asking the right questions and delving into the right areas, we can then define user stories which will ultimately drive our development work and turn your business vision into reality.

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology streamlines our delivery process and enables us to execute rapid iterations and early course corrections. Regular scrum meetings let us respond swiftly to unpredictable situations and unforeseen opportunities which may arise at any point in time during the development. This practice leads to on-time project delivery, covering all aspects that fall within the project’s scope.

Cultivation of Partnership

We approach every project like it’s a beginning of a long-term partnership. We share the same excitement and passion you have for your business. Hence, we dedicate ourselves to helping you bring your vision to to life, and make your goals come to fruition. You’ll find that we’ll constantly gather constructive feedback as we in turn provide our own valuable insights - because we understand that your success will carve out a genuine partnership destined for continued collaboration and engagement.